On The Wall Productions is a family owned mural company.

Painting walls since 1974.

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Our history…

Since forming ON THE WALL PRODUCTIONS, INC. in 1974, mural artists Robert Fishbone and Sarah Linquist (1951-2010) made it their ongoing mission to transform anonymous walls into inspiring, meaningful and memorable artworks.


A new era…

In 2015, Fishbone teamed up with his daughter Liza Fishbone (and occasionally her brother, Tyler) to usher in a new chapter of mural making. The amicable friction generated by the difference in their styles unleashed a dynamic from which provoking artworks emerge.

Walls have stories to tell, it is our job to unleash them.

Our Approach

We create site specific murals that are colorful and captivating.

Murals have power. Context matters.

We believe that it is our responsibility as public artists to harness that power to design and paint murals that are relevant. Murals that are relevant to a community. It is important to us that the community feels like they can take ownership of the artwork after we leave.